Say goodbye to soggy salads and dressing spills!


🥬Eat more salads🥬

The Lotus Bowl has three 100% leakproof compartments for keeping ingredients separated, cruncy, and leak-free - for the ultimate lunch experience!

Complete quality 10-piece salad set

The Lotus Bowl comes with a bowl, tray, three ingredient cups each with a silicone leakproof cup-lid, a beautiful engraved bamboo wood lid, and a band to hold it all together like a bento box.

The Lotus Bowl is a head-turner in the office lunchroom or out at the park.

Mix and match

The Lotus Bowl is perfect for office lunches, picnics, and other meals on-the-go. By keeping ingredients separate until you're ready to mix them, the Lotus Bowl protects your crunchy ingredients, ensuring you don't end up with a soggy or wilted salad experience.

Sustainable materials

The Lotus Bowl is made of an eco-composite blend using 50% bamboo fiber, for a plastic-reduced durable and microwaveable set that will last. The ingredient cup lids are made of silicone and can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. We hope your Lotus Bowl will replace loads of disposable single-use plastic in your life.

The bamboo lid is 100% biodegradable.

Savour lunchtime

Nourish yourself

With room for four cups of leafy greens and vegetables on the bottoms, plus three cups for toppings, you have an abundance of space for nourishment.

Why you'll love it

  • Get your greens in 🥗

    Pack over 4 cups of your favorite leafy greens or other salad base in the bottom of the Lotus Bowl.

  • Keep it crunchy🍏

    Separate containers for dressing and your seeds, nuts, and more to keep your salad fresh until mealtime.

  • Love yourself & 🌎

    Eat healthier while eliminating wasteful packaging by using this reusable salad bowl set.

  • As seen on Kickstarter

    The Lotus Bowl is a labor of love that was recently featured on the crowd-funding website, Kicktarter. We have our campaign backers to thank for bringing the Lotus Bowl to life!

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