About us

It all started with a soggy salad...

I (Samantha) first envisioned the Lotus Bowl in 2022 after trying to come up with ways of packing a healthier lunch to the office without ending up with wilted greens and soggy pumpkins seeds by lunchtime - or - what felt like a million mismatched containers from our kids' plastic container collection that was less than inspiring to use. 😑😑

After well over a year of back-and-forth, iterating on the bowl design with help from an industrial engineer in Italy and a manufacturer we commissioned overseas, we have arrived at a design that is multi-purpose, elegant, and also safe for the microwave and dishwasher*. My husband Steve became the 'chief prototyping officer' and oversaw 3D printing so that we could create early versions to test out the overall shape and dimensions of the set. 💡🥣

The Lotus Bowl is the culmination of our vision for a compact, multi-purpose bowl set that is specially designed for packing homemade salads for lunch. The leakproof containers keep ingredients fresh until it is time to toss them together at mealtime! 🥗🎉 

The final product consists of the bowl, inside which sits a tray that holds the three containers to keep your crunchy ingredients and salad dressing all separate until it's time to eat. The Lotus Bowl ensures your lunch is as fresh and tasty as possible! 🥗😋

For even more information about our humble beginnings, please check out our original campaign on Kickstarter.

Photo of Steve and Samantha, each holding a lotus bowl with the band around each one

The Lotus Bowl bamboo salad set is a product we designed to make homemade healthy lunches more appealing on the go. We hope that the Lotus Bowl promotes healthy habits and reduces the use of disposable packaging for salad enthusiasts worldwide. 🥬🌎