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Lotus Bowl ™ | The Original Portable Bamboo Salad Bowl Set

Lotus Bowl ™ | The Original Portable Bamboo Salad Bowl Set

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Exclusive launch | Limited stock available

  • Made with 50% bamboo fiber
  • Supports healthy eating
  • Better for the planet

The Lotus Bowl bamboo salad set is a product we designed to make homemade healthy lunches more appealing on the go. Using the Lotus Bowl promotes healthy habits and reduces the use of disposable packaging so you can be healthier while supporting a healthier planet too!  🥬🌎

The Lotus Bowl is... 💕

  • Made of sustainable bamboo - The lid is bamboo wood and the bowl, tray, and containers are made up of 50% bamboo fiber
  • Sturdy and reusable - Replaces disposable packaging or short-lived containers
  • A complete 10-piece set - Including three 100% leakproof ingredient containers
  • Great for commuting - No salad dressing leaks in your bag
  • Generously portioned - Helping you fill up on greens and healthy foods at lunch, or doubling as a container for potlucks and picnics

We designed the Lotus Bowl to keep your salad dressing and crunchy ingredients secure and separated until it's time to mix them together. This ensures that your salad is as crisp and fresh as possible when you're ready to eat!

More to love about the Lotus Bowl:

  • Highly durable and sturdy construction
  • Bowl, cups, and cup lids are dishwasher-safe
  • Eco-composite material (50% bamboo fiber, 50% PP) and silicone lids are microwave-safe
  • Porcelain-white material is stain-resistant to cold foods
  • Additional seals (and optional) on the tray and bamboo lid help ensure maximum freshness

For more information see our FAQ.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Marion Barker
beautiful and functional

I love my Lotus bowl! It is made with quality materials and it is attractive and functional. I am gifting mine!

Carolina Brearley
Perfect in every way!

This bowl is beautiful, its size is great, the compartments are big and so easy to clean! I love everything about the design and features. A+ for me!

Courtney Perry

Amazing little lunch time contraption! Great for on the go!

T’s Review
Best salad bowl ever!

I am a huge salad person and sometimes I make too much and this bowl is great for prep and storage and leftovers!

Kimberly Peyton
The best salad bowl

This bowl is not only aesthetically beautiful, its quality made. I absolutely love it. The bowl is the perfect size, the seperate tray keeps items you want kept seperate until ready to mix can include dressings, keeping your croutons, or crunchy toppings fresh, plus lids to keep things spill proof. It’s portable, functional, and I would buy multiple more of these, or any new line that comes out. The packaging this bowl comes in is even beautiful.

Questions & Answers

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  • Is the Lotus Bowl BPA free?

    Yes! The Lotus Bowl is BPA free.

    The bowl itself is made of a combination of bamboo fibre and polypropylene, the seals and cup lids are made of silicone, and the lid is made of bamboo wood. All these materials have been tested by an indepedent lab according to FDA testing protocols and have passed (with flying colours!).

  • Can I get an extra set of containers and lids?

    We don't have accessory sets yet, but plan to make them available in 2024. We'll let you know when you can buy them!

  • Is it suitable for hot meals, like rice or pasta for instance? Would it keep the food warm or be too hot to hold?

    The Lotus Bowl isn't insulated, but it is microwaveable. That means it doesn't get very hot when you microwave it, or when you put hot food in it, similar to other microwaveable materials.

  • If the bowl is 50% bamboo fibre, what is the other 50%?

    The bowl, cups, and tray are made of an ecocomposite blend of half bamboo fiber and half foodsafe polypropylene. The material is dishwasher safe and microwaveable.

  • Is the Lotus Bowl leakproof?

    The 3 ingredient cups are 100% leakproof. We recommend putting any liquids (such as salad dressing, or juicy fruits or vegetables) inside the cups, ensuing the silicone lids are securely in place, for a completely leakproof lunch experience.

    The seals around the tray and lid help with keeping your food fresh, and reduce the chance of leaking, but they can't hold in liquid reliably on their own.

    If you are storing food in the Lotus Bowl on its side, we definitely recommend you keep any liquids inside those 100% leakproof ingredient cups!