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Check out these tips for using your Lotus Bowl


Q:  If the bowl is 50% bamboo fiber, what is the other 50%?

The bowl, cups, and tray are made of an eco-composite blend of half bamboo fiber and half food-safe polypropylene. The material is dishwasher safe and microwaveable. The material has been tested by a third party inspection agency and more than meets all FDA requirements.

Q: Is the Lotus Bowl leakproof?

The 3 ingredient cups are 100% leakproof. We recommend putting any liquids (such as salad dressing, or juicy fruits or vegetables) inside the cups, ensuing the silicone lids are securely in place, for a completely leakproof lunch experience.

The seals around the tray and lid help with keeping your food fresh, and reduce the chance of leaking, but they can't hold in liquid reliably on their own.

If you are storing food in the Lotus Bowl on its side, we definitely recommend you keep any liquids inside those 100% leakproof ingredient cups!

Q: Is the Lotus Bowl microwaveable?

The Lotus Bowl meets FDA requirements for microwave-safe use, similar to microwaveable products that are 100% plastic. However, there are many scientific studies that suggest that FDA requirements are not stringent enough because plastic molecules are released when you microwave materials, including the polypropylene that makes up half of the Lotus Bowl's eco-composite material (the other half being bamboo fiber).

If you already are comfortable with FDA regulations and using microwaveable plastics, you can use the Lotus Bowl in the same way.

If you already restrict any microwaving to 100% non-plastic materials such as glass and ceramic, we do not recommend you use the Lotus Bowl for microwaving.

Q: Can you use the Lotus Bowl for hot food?

The Lotus Bowl isn't insulated, but it is microwaveable. That means it doesn't get very hot when you microwave it, or when you put hot food in it, similar to other microwave-safe materials.

Q: The Lotus Bowl lid is too hard to remove. What should I do?

We opted not to add any handles or levers to the Lotus Bowl design to keep its minimalist shape, but that does have a downside. 

If you are regularly finding the lid too hard to get off, we recommend removing the silicone seal around it. This does reduce your leak protection a little, but by keeping any leak-prone ingredients in the 100% leakproof cups, you can be sure to keep using your Lotus Bowl safely without the lid seal.

Q: Can I get an extra set of containers and lids?

We don't have accessory sets yet, but plan to make them available in 2024. We'll let you know when you can buy them!

Q:  What is your return policy?

We accept returns for items that are in like-new condition and in their original packaging. The product should be unused, and free from any signs of wear or damage. For more information please read: Our Refund Policy
If your Lotus Bowl arrives damaged, please contact us right away so we can send you a replacement.